Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer, Derek Jeter have more in common than winning numerous Championships. They are all believers in and practitioners of Meditation and Mindfulness. Top tier athletes are always looking for an edge and Mindfulness is one way that allows them to separate themselves from the rest of the pack trying to take them down. Have you reached your full potential? Are there certain moments in a competition that you find yourself blocked from success? On this podcast, Todd Mansfield, a practitioner of meditation, a former Division 1 tennis player and current High School coach with numerous State Championships both individual and team guides you through the maze that is Mindfulness with the help of interviews of leaders in this growing field. Whether the conversation is about Mind Training, Healthier Eating, Mental Health or executing a better game plan, your mind will be introduced to a world that is only just beginning to show every athlete, young or old, beginner or professional the possibilities of what can be in their athletic and every day performance.


As a former D1 tennis player at Northwestern, I had the chance to play against and learn from many great players including former top 5 player in the world and current CEO of the Tennis Hall of Fame Todd Martin. After college, I went into a 20 year Sports Broadcasting career and spoke with thousands of ATP, WTA, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB coaches, players and Hall of Famers. All of that knowledge, I am passing along to you. 

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